SMS Advertising – The New Kid On the Block

Millennials, the 18-34 age group, are the first generation to grow up with online media. SMS advertising is more effective in reaching this age group. They are much more open to opting in to marketing campaigns that the general population and do not read newspapers and watch TV the way their parents do. Read more now on read this

Major newspapers are taking a big hit. According to a study done by ABC, the daily circulation of the top U.S. newspapers in March 2010 was 23 million. By contrast, a January 2009 comScore study shows there were 22 million daily users of mobile news and information. One of the two daily newspapers in my town recently packed it in after nearly 100 years in business. Competing with less expensive and more effective advertising mediums, such as SMS advertising finally became too much.

Mobile marketing is also outperforming the Internet. An Insight Express study done in 2009 showed that the “purchase intent” was many times higher when someone saw an advertisement on a mobile platform vs. online. Take a note of these statistics: For the 18-24 age group, the purchase intent was 9.1 times higher; for 35-44 it was 8.9 times higher and for those 44+, 5.1 times higher.

Hello! If you are a retailer, you must sit up, take notice and figure out how to implement an SMS advertising campaign.

An article in Mobile Marketer (9/29/10) pointed out that eBay was on track to do 1.5 billion in mobile revenue in 2010. Further, eBay’s stats show a 50% higher ticket for those buying on the iPad compared to the web and much higher conversion rates.

Want more proof about the effectiveness of SMS campaigns? 95% of millennials send or receive text messages. 93% use their phone to take pictures. This statistic alone should be enough to initiate an advertising campaign that uses QR codes, bar codes that lead to a web site or marketing message when photographed by a mobile phone.

Want social proof? 81% send photos and videos to their friends. Your SMS advertising campaign can easily become viral.

Many think SMS advertising is just effective when directed toward kids. Not true. According to Pew Internet Mobile Access 2010, Here are the percentage of mobile phone users across all age groups who use their phones to:

• Send/receive text messages: 72%
• Take pictures: 76%
• Send/receive email: 34%
• Access the Internet: 38%

A SMS is an important mass marketing channel for reasons other than reaching consumers in your target age group. All adults are using their cell phones to access the Internet, tap into a social networking site and buy a product. If your market includes Hispanics, you will find that SMS advertising has significant positive marketing ramifications.

If you want an effective way to reach consumers, you will want to pursue SMS advertising.

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