4 Reasons for Gacha in Banner Venti

For players of this free game created by miHoYo, are you still confused about whether to gacha on the Venti banner or waiting for the Tartaglia banner? Remembering in Tartaglia’s banner there is a new character Rosaria.

Even so, the gacha on the genshin venti banner is interesting. Because it doesn’t only offer this *5 character, it increases the chances of being able to get other characters as well.

For those of you who are still calculating whether you want gacha on the Venti banner or not, here the HiTekno.com team collects three reasons.

1. Venti Character OP

It’s no secret that Venti is one of the Genshin Impact *5 characters who are considered OP. Even considered one of the broken due to Elemental Burst which made him superior.

As a user of the Anemo (wind) element, Venti is not just crowd control. He can produce great damage even though he is not a DPS. Moreover, Elemental Burst which sucked in a lot of enemies gathered in the middle.

2. There is Sucrose

Often called the cheap version of Venti, but don’t underestimate this cute character. He is one of the very large damage buffs, especially when combined with Bennett.

As an Anemo user, it’s not as good crowd control as Venti. But the best swirl effector. Because of that, Sucrose is one of the keys behind the amazing damage done by the Youtuber showcase.

3. There’s Razor and Noelle too

Gacha in this Venti banner, you also get the possibility of getting these two interesting characters. The first is Razor, one of the most popular Electro DPS, especially using claymore.

On the other hand, there is Noelle, the Genshin Impact character that almost all players have. Even so, don’t think of this character as just a tanker with a shield. If built properly, it can be a scary DPS.

4. Installment Pity for the Tartaglia Banner

If what you’re after is Tartaglia or Rosaria in the next banner, you can repay pity or forgiveness in this banner. In order to get a guarantee on the next banner.

How to calculate pity? Until now, it is still a mystery and player debate. But basically, miHoYo promises a *5 guarantee on certain gacha counts.

Those are the four reasons why you should gacha in the upcoming Venti banner? Remember, this banner opened with the Genshin Impcat 1.4 update, and there will be a Tartaglia banner after that.