5 Tips to Identify Genuine Work at Home Business Opportunities

We live in a day when people need to find solid work that will provide them with a steady and lucrative income. Unfortunately there are scammers who realize that people have great financial needs during these economic hard times and they are out to take advantage of them by baiting them with scams that look like too good to pass-up business opportunities. On the other hand there are genuine business opportunities designed to provide diligent entrepreneurs with the chance to earn a solid income business opportunity. The question that you should be asking at this point is, how can you determine the difference between the scammers and the genuine business opportunities?

There is really no fool-proof way to determine a scam from a genuine business opportunity, but here are five things that will help you weed out the scams from the true business opportunities.

Does the Business Promote a Valid Product?

This is the best way to determine a genuine business opportunity from a scam. Something must be sold or the business is not a true business. Some opportunities present a concept of building networks and earning commissions. If there is not a product to buy and sell, stay away from that business opportunity. Not only is the concept on shaky ground with no product to sell, but this type of business is illegal.

Do They Require You to Make a Huge Investment?

There should be concern if you have to invest in the business in order to operate it. Most online businesses don’t need a down payment. There are some that do require a nominal fee for a subscription or a website. But there should not be a major unjustified or irrational investment upfront in order to start the business. If the company that you are looking at requires a major upfront investment, then I suggest that you look for another business opportunity. Many companies that require such down payments often disappear into nothingness. You do not want to face that after you have invested a large sum of money into your business.

Does the Business Have a Physical Presence?

Even if you will be operating your business entirely on the internet, it is still very important that the business that you are signing on with can provide you with a physical address. There should also be a phone number where you can reach someone connected with the business and communicate with then. If you don’t have access to the physical address and phone number, look for another business opportunity.

What Are Their Reviews on the Internet?

Can you Google the business and find legitimate reviews for it on the internet. What other people are saying about the business is a good way to determine what the company is all about. If other people have been happy with the business, then there is a good chance that it is legitimate. If there are many reviews that have complaints about the business and you cannot resolve the issues that they have mentioned, then do not get involved with this company.

Are They Secure?

This can be checked in various ways. You can check their website address. You will find that an https is always better than an http. This means that they are safer. You can check to see if they are VeriSign Assured with 128 bit SSL encryption. This will help you determine if they care about the safety of their members. Even if the people you want to join with in business are well-meaning, if they do not pay attention to these points, you become vulnerable to other internet intrusions.